Wrapped In Rhythm: Vol I

Tutu Puoane Sings The Poetry Of Lebo Mashile

A decade long dream is finally seeing the light of day. Official release date: 15 March 2024.

Mimi’s Shebeen

Mimi’s Shebeen is a powerful new theatre production by KVS face and artist Alesandra Seutin with her company Vocab Dance.

Through dance, text, song and music, she takes the audience into the caverns of a deconstructed Shebeen* and on a journey full of life, struggle, perseverance and determination.
Inspired by South African singer Miriam Makeba and exile from her home country, Seutin taps into the legacy of Makeba’s work as a political activist to bring stories of exile, immigration and human rights.

In Mimi’s Shebeen, the unique and distinctive style of Alesandra Seutin’s afro-centric dance theatre is evident. Lisette Ma Neza and Lebo Mashile provides the text, Angelo Moustapha and Tarang Cissokho the music and Tutu Puoane sings.

Where do you get the strength to hold your head high when you are exiled from your motherland, separated from your mother, your people and your roots? How do you survive – and even thrive – so far away from everything and everyone you know?

*A shebeen is an unofficial café in South African townships


CONCEPT & CHOREOGRAPHY –  Alesandra Seutin

MUSIC –  Angelo Moustapha & Tarang Cissokho 

TEXT – Lizette Ma Neza & Lebo Mashile 

PERFORMERS – Tutu Puoane, Nandi Bhebhe, Kopano Maroga, Valerie Ebuwa, Hendrickx, Elisa van der Kust 

DRAMATURGY – Gerardo Salinas 

SCENOGRAPHY –  Stef Stessel 

COSTUMES –  Caroline Fainke 

SOUNDSCAPE – Hans Mullens 



RESEARCH – Kopano Maroga


TRANSLATION –  Isabelle Grynberg, Alex Stockman

PRODUCTION – Vocab Dance & KVS 


WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Belgian federal government through Cronos Invest

Anything Goes

An ode to phenomenal women! From Billie Holiday to Nina Simone. A spoken word concert with Tutu Puoane & Pat Donnez.

What do Billie Holiday or Nina Simone have in common? They are wonderful jazz vocalists, and the songs Tutu Puoane sings in ‘Anything Goes’ are all about marrow and bone.
Unforgettable women. Phenomenal women. Girl Power and Sisterhood were written in their blood.
‘Anything Goes’ is a highly personal confession. About life and survival. From a man, radio producer and author Pat Donnez, who likes to listen to these and many other jazz women when he is down.
Does it never happen to you that you ask yourself in an unguarded moment: Is that all there is? Believe it or not, but with such a Peggy or Billie around, you survive that question.

This series of concerts will take place in the spring of 2023. For dates, visit the agenda of this website.

Tutu Puoane – vocals

Pat Donnez – spoken word

Ewout Pierreux – piano

Carlo Nardozza – trumpet

Tim Finoulst – guitar

Kris Vanderstraeten – artwork (which will be on sale at the concerts)

In collaboration with Jazzzolder vzw Mechelen

© Nunu Ngema