The Jazz South African Roots Summit with John Clayton & WDR Big Band

After waiting for two long years for the corona pandemic to “settle down”, our project will finally be staged on March 25th at the Philharmonie Mercatorhalle in Duisburg, Germany.

I am a huge fan of John Clayton. So when I was offered the chance to work with him two years ago, I knew I wanted to focus on a South African repertoire. I chose some of my favourite tunes from home and my dear ‘mkhulu’ John was given the task of arranging the tunes for the WDR Big Band. This concert was initially supposed to take place in April 2020, but we all know what happened.

I’m so glad and so grateful that we are all still alive, well, safe and healthy and that 2 years later, our concert can take place.

For more info, click here.

Toots Thielemans 100: The Sound Of A Belgian Legend

I am incredibly humbled, grateful and super excited for this incredible opportunity. I absolutely cannot wait to meet and work with these amazing musicians, whom I have admired for so long. Make sure you get your tickets now and not miss these amazing concerts coming up end of April and beginning of May.

” The life of Toots Thielemans, from his debut in the cafés of Marolles to the jazz clubs of New York, is the tale of a dizzying rise to stardom. Renowned for his unparalleled whistling, his talent on the guitar and the harmonica, the Brussels-born artist has rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s greats, including Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, Sidney Bechet and Elis Regina. To celebrate his 100th birthday, and to honour his memory and legacy, a stage performance by a select few outstanding musicians who knew him well, will focus on the milestones of Toots’ career, from his debuts to his famous American performances, via his Brazilian period.

The unique voices of Tutu Puoane, and Brazilian artists Claudio and Ivan Lins, the American duo of Grégoire Maret (harmonica) and Kenny Werner (pianist and composer who will dedicate a new suite to Toots), and our very own Belgian star Philip Catherine, will join Frank Vaganée and Vince Mendoza, directors of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra and the Metropole Orkest respectively, to pay tribute to this legendary ket (street slang for “kid”).

Metropole Orkest – orchestra

Vince Mendoza – conductor

Brussels Jazz Orchestra – orchestra

Frank Vaganée – conductor

Kenny Werner – composition, piano

Grégoire Maret – harmonica

Philip Catherine – guitar

For more info & tickets to the première in Brussels, please visit the Bozar-website. For all dates, visit the agenda-page of this website.

Anything Goes

An ode to phenomenal women! From Billie Holiday to Nina Simone. A spoken word concert with Tutu Puoane & Pat Donnez.

What do Billie Holiday or Nina Simone have in common? They are wonderful jazz vocalists, and the songs Tutu Puoane sings in ‘Anything Goes’ are all about marrow and bone.
Unforgettable women. Phenomenal women. Girl Power and Sisterhood were written in their blood.
‘Anything Goes’ is a highly personal confession. About life and survival. From a man, radio producer and author Pat Donnez, who likes to listen to these and many other jazz women when he is down.
Does it never happen to you that you ask yourself in an unguarded moment: Is that all there is? Believe it or not, but with such a Peggy or Billie around, you survive that question.

This series of concerts will take place in the spring of 2023. For dates, visit the agenda of this website.

Tutu Puoane – vocals

Pat Donnez – spoken word

Ewout Pierreux – piano

Carlo Nardozza – trumpet

Tim Finoulst – guitar

Kris Vanderstraeten – artwork (which will be on sale at the concerts)

In collaboration with Jazzzolder vzw Mechelen

© Nunu Ngema