Speak Low If You Speak Love… (2015)

For Wim Vandekeybus love is perhaps the most intangible and capricious of all our inner states of mind: it moves mountains and creates immeasurable heights and depths. It gives strength but causes devastating pain when it turns against you. Love inspires poetry: it is exalted and cursed.

Following the captivating soundtrack in nieuwZwart (2009), Wim Vandekeybus is once again collaborating with musician Mauro Pawlowski. This time, classical stories will be the inspiration for songs written by Mauro and his companions and performed by the charismatic South African singer Tutu Puoane. Ultima Vez performers and more classically-trained dancers influence one another. Speak low if you speak love isn’t an opera, nor a musical in the usual sense of the word, but a stirring combination of experimental music and the classical tradition.

Wim Vandekeybus:

“ Mauro is a master of rhythm, soul, and virtuosity. His music is intriguing, daring and fearless. It goes straight to your belly and overwhelms your consciousness.”